Bethel Missionary Baptist Church Restoration


Founded in the late 1800′s by Reverend John (Jack) H. Yates, Bethel Missionary Baptist Church is located in Freedmen’s Town, a post Civil War Houston neighborhood founded by freed slaves. The Church has had three sanctuaries on the same site with the earliest constructed in the 1890′s.The first was a wood framed structure that blew down as a result of the 1900 “Great Storm” in Galveston. The second wood framed structure was erected in the early 1900′s & had a 40 foot tower. Enlarged & constructed of brick in 1949-50, the third sanctuary was designed by James M. Thomas, a prominent architect of African American churches. In January 2005, a fire gutted the interior of the historic structure. In 2009, the City of Houston provided emergency wall stabilization & minor structural repairs due to the unsafe conditions of the building. The city also purchased the property in order to preserve the church’s façade & provide park space for the community. The goal of the project was to pay tribute to Bethel’s significant history & architecture as well as the history of the Fourth Ward. The current Bethel Park project is expected to be completed in the spring of 2013.

Press Release for Bethel Missionary Baptist Church


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