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 Fourth Ward Street Reconstruction Project  - Phase I

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Fourth Ward Street Improvement Projects

Fourth Ward Street Improvement Projects
The following is a list of the street improvement projects scheduled for construction within the boundaries of Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone Number Fourteen over the next several years that will improve the underground utilities.

4th Ward Street Improvement Schedule 

4th Ward Composite All Projects Map-1

The projects will provide:

  • new underground utilities where the current pipes are old,
  • new curb and gutter and new pavement
  • new sidewalks
  • intersections will have painted crosswalks and handicap ramps and
  • new decorative street lights and decorative street name signs.

In some locations the overhead utility poles will be relocated to improve accessibility of the sidewalks. Those poles also support the street lights and new historic styled lights will be installed in place of the current lights. The new light with its curved mast arm with black reflector can be seen in locations along West Gray St.

New street name signs will be installed. The new signs will have a unique design as do other areas in the City.

No additional right of way is needed as the City has agreed with variances where needed that allow the

improvements to be made in the existing narrow streets. In some locations, resident’s fences, plantings or other features have over time been constructed in the City’s rights of way or sidewalk easements. To fit the new street and sidewalks in the contractor will need to remove those items. See below for advice if that condition occurs at your location.

The improvements will be made by multiple construction contracts. The first contract will begin on Wilson and Austin Streets. Shortly after that a separate contractor will start on streets on the east side of Freedmen’s town.

See the map of all the streets to be improved 

Unless the construction work is underway and your street is in that contract’s scope we will not have a schedule to help answer that question. You can review our Project Map and note the project ID that will improve your street. With that ID go to our Project Schedule and find when the project is scheduled to start and end. Work for all the streets for that project will be completed in that time frame as will your street.

The contract for the construction allows the Contractor to plan their work and where they start and finish. We will not know which streets they will start on first until they are under contract and submit a schedule for approval. Once that schedule is approved it will be available.

Keep in mind that the project engineer, Pubic Works, or the contractor can change the schedule as needed to expedite the work. Weather conditions will also cause changes. Check back to this web site to review the overall schedule and review any other updates provided by the project managers.

Each construction project is allowed an established number of days to complete the work. The Project Schedule provides the expected start and end dates. The time the work is underway in front of your property will not be that full period.

You will see the work occur in phases as each part advances down the street and then another part of the work will follow and progress past your location. First they will install the new underground pipes. Soon after that work is complete they will rebuild the street. Soon after that is complete they will place the new sidewalks.


If you have special needs, please contact your Council Member Ellen Cohen’s District C office at 832‐393‐3004 or via email at DistrictC@houstontx.gov 

On streets under construction, what is the procedure for trash and recycling pick up?

If the garage trucks cannot drive down the street due to the construction a location will be identified at a nearby cross street where residents can leave their garbage can and the truck will pick it up while using the cross street. Watch for notices from the contractor with instructions.


Given the narrow streets, and that they are being fully rebuilt, METRO have to temporarily change a bus route or relocate bus stops. Watch for advance notices from METRO that they will post at the affected bus stops if they decide such changes are necessary.


We recommend that you take pictures of the sprinkler heads in the “on” position and be sure the pictures clearly show how many and the location of the sprinklers/heads that you have in the right of way area near the street/curb. The construction company will make the effort to cap off your sprinklers in the right of way that will be torn up with the intent to keep your sprinklers working in the rest of the yard. The pictures should

resolve any questions when it comes time for the construction company to repair them.

It is entirely possible your system if your system extends beyond your property line certain zones may stop working once the right of way along your property is dug up. Be sure to have a garden hose and traditional sprinklers ready to use during this period. If you believe that your sprinkler systems were damaged during construction, please contact the person the contractor identified or the person listed at this site to report problems so that someone can investigate and schedule repairs.


We also recommend residents take pictures of any drains/PVC (plastic) tubing or pipes you have going to the sidewalk or to the curb so you have can show what was there before the work began. If you believe that your drains were damaged during construction please contact the individuals listed in at this site provided for you to call to report problems.


View Contacts List

As a result of this project, the City and the contractors are granted full access into the properties adjacent to the street that are in the City’s rights‐of‐way or easements. Once complete, the Contractor will restore the impacted areas within the rights of way or easement to City of Houston standards. Before the work begins an official

photographic record is made of the area. Both the City and the contractor are taking precautions to protect existing trees and resident property as best as they can. Additional right‐of‐way markers are in some yards, and removal of these causes added delays and expense. Please do not remove these markers or any protective precautions that have been provided in your yard. Removal will slow down the construction and they are doing everything they can to complete the work


At this time no need to dig on private property is anticipated in the Phase 1 project. If for an unforeseen reason your water meter or other city feature at the property line must be accessed there could be minor digging in your yard. Accurate location of your property line at the street will be known and the work will not be on your property. You maybe maintain property out to the street and think of it as your yard. The City appreciates your effort and will restore such areas that must be disturbed back to City Standards. But, we do not anticipate any digging outside the rights of way, i.e. in your yard.


Public Works project on W. Dallas and in 2015 on Geneses. Installing new water lines is part of that work. Once the new line is installed, tested, and approved by the City, the contractor will disconnect your water meter from the “old” line and reconnect to the “new”. You will not have water service during that transfer and the City’s

goal is to notify residents 72 hours in advance. In addition transferring water service to the new water lines takes 2‐3 hours during which time you will not have water service.

The Fourth Ware Redevelopment Authority’s Phase I street reconstruction does not include any new water lines within the rights of‐way. Therefore, there should be no need to shut off the water. But, underground lines are often not exactly where shown on the plans and the line is damaged. Repair of the line requires shutting off the

water. In such cases the contractor quickly repairs the damage and the water service is restored.

A new driveway apron will be built to connect your driveway to the new street.

The City’s rights‐of‐way extend beyond the edge of the existing street. You may mow and maintain these areas and consider this area your property. However, the existing roadway rights‐of‐way and easements grants City of Houston full access and rights to use that strip of land to work in and install such improvements as sidewalk and

other utilities. A concerted effort will be made to not disturb your landscaping during this project. However, if you have extensive landscaping in your yard then the portion in the rights of way and easements may be impacted with the construction. If you have a specific plant you would like to save, we suggest you personally relocate such plant materials. The city cannot relocate your plants that are in the right of way. Grass will be

restored in yards upon completion of all construction.